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A new studio for Dublin Digital Radio

By Dublin Digital Radio


Are you listening?

Dublin Digital Radio is at a crucial stage in its life and needs your support to create a new studio and solidify itself as Ireland’s best alternative media platform. At a time when Dublin's creative and cultural scene has been decimated, we want to ensure the sustainability and future of ddr. by creating a fit-for-purpose space that will help us hone our offering and improve our quality.

We’ve been happily holed up in Jigsaw over the past 3 years, but due to its uncertain future we think the time is right to join The Complex. We want to build a studio that can cater to our radio presenters, DJs, podcasters and live music acts. Accompanying the studio will be an office, meeting space and lounge area.

This will give our team, residents and guests the much needed space and facilities, allowing us to up our game. With it, we will expand our programming and make this space a place for ideas to form, collaborations to spark and for more amazing work to emerge.

The Plans:


How we're going to do it:

Since its inception ddr.'s entirely volunteer run team has gone out of its way to promote alternative voices on our digital radio stream, create inclusive and engaging parties, and partner with progressive arts organisations to promote voices that wouldn’t otherwise have a platform on Irish media. But to continue to make this happen, we need your support.

As a volunteer-run organisation that is funded by subscriptions, ddr. covers its month to month costs via our patrons on Patreon and we run several fundraising parties a year. 

In order to fund a big project of this magnitude we need to raise a chunk of money that can cover our costs, outside of our usual subscription model. We also plan to run a couple of fundraising events to help us hit our target. 

Your support will help us fund:

Materials and labour for new studio: €6,100

Studio equipment: €3,500

Furniture and loose items: €2,250

Electrics and materials: €500

Van rental/movers: €500

Mural design/paint/painters/decor: €450

Fund it fees: €1,200

Contingency: €500

Total: €15,000


About us:

ddr. was founded in late-2016 by Brian McNamara and Seán Finnan. The team quickly grew, and we now boast more than 100 residents, a broad volunteer group and a wider family of artists, musicians, journalists, DJs, sound-engineers and people of all backgrounds.

In 2018 we were awarded the Mixcloud Online Radio Station of the Year award by both judges and listeners, and we are dedicated to providing a truly alternative online media platform in Ireland. Since our first broadcast we have garnered over 150,000 live listeners, and more than 200,000 playbacks on our shows.

We wouldn't be where we are today without our community and our broader family who contribute their time, money and brains to our projects and ongoing existence. Any and all help you can give to help secure ddr.'s future is massive for us - we can't thank you enough.