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A Decent Woman

By Tabs Theatre Productions


We at Tabs Theatre Productions are renowned for bringing compelling, innovative and cutting-edge theatre to the stage. This autumn, we will be celebrating our fifth birthday! Five years of cultivating new Irish theatre and allowing actors, directors, designers and technicians the opportunity to flex their creative muscles.

We're an independent, profit sharing company, with no official source of funding. We depend completely on the good will of our actors and technicians to work for the love of their art, often with little or no financial return. It is with this in mind that we humbly ask for your help, we’d love to pay these talented people a little something for their time!

This coming October, Tabs Theatre Productions presents A Decent Woman, a new play written by award winning, Irish writer James Johnson and directed by Victoria Fradgley.

This is a story about family. About how family can be your salvation and your destruction at the same time. Leo Tolstoy once said 'All happy families resemble each other, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way'. A Decent Woman explores this concept as the audience glimpses the discontent and oppression that festers below the civilised facade of the perfect family. As characters suppress their frustrations, and try to hold everything together, the inevitable happens.

This is an unpredictable play that will challenge and intrigue audiences. It touches on the power of suggestion and how a persons reputation can be destroyed in a heartbeat. Thirty years of marriage can be wiped out in an instant. We choose to see something or we choose to turn the other cheek. The truth is simply what we perceive it to be.

The action takes place in two acts and spans three years. Four eccentric, witty and sometimes likeable characters meander their way through their damaged relationships, sidestepping real and honest conversations until confronted. Once cornered the reaction borders on feral. Relationships and alliances are made and then broken. A troubled woman and her behaviour impacts on every other member of her family. From her twin sister who lives her life trying to be perfect, to her mother who disapproves but clings on with her fingernails, to her father, who loves unconditionally and chooses not to see.

Behind closed doors, the idea of family can be warped and twisted, competitive and destructive.
At what point do you walk away?
When do you finally open your eyes?
When has the boy cried wolf for the final time?

A Decent Woman is a captivating piece of theatre that will leave audiences wondering what the truth is. The strong cast, made up of Dave Duffy (RTÉ's Fair City), Ciara McGuiness, Nicole Elizabeth and Niamh Cummins bring this powerful piece to the stage at The Pearse Centre Theatre, The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 from 24th-29th October 2011.

We'd like to sincerely thank you for helping to bring this project to life!

Niamh Cummins, Victoria Fradgley & Nicole Elizabeth
& the Tabs Theatre gang!



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