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2015 Musicians of Sligo Calendar

By Aminah Hughes


The 2015 Musicians of Sligo Calendar features a number of well-known and respected musicians representing the best of Sligo's musical offerings. Sure to spice up your kitchen, this calendar will keep you entertained throughout the year!

I have two passions, photography and music. In the drive to fund the manufacturing of my album, Blue Wooden Boat, I decided to combine my passions and photograph a calendar of musicians. I also decided to donate part proceeds of the calendar sales to charity.

I gathered a host of Sligo's musicians for twelve shoots, ranging from the humorous to the ponderous, at picturesque locations in and around Sligo on the west coast of Ireland. Featuring musicians from across the genres of rock, Irish traditional, jazz, blues, Spanish, gypsy, classical and baroque, the result is sure to suit everybody’s tastes!

Who’s on board?

Steve Wickham (U2, The Waterboys, No Crows)
Cathy Jordan (Dervish, The Unwanted)
Seamie O’Dowd (Dervish, Mairtin O’Connor Band, Tommy Emmanuel , The Unwanted)
Liam Kelly, Brian McDonough & Michael Holmes (Dervish)
Eddie Lee (Founder of the Sligo Jazz Festival)
Plus rock guitarist Tabby Callaghan, jazz pianist Kieran Quinn, cellist Anna Houston, classical violinist Niamh Crowley, gypsy fiddler Oleg Ponomarev, flautist Collette Sheerin, Spanish guitarist Felip Carbonnel, jazz guitarist Mike Nielsen, bodhran player John Joe Kelly, harpist Deirdre Byron-Smith and baroque harpsichordist, Rod Alston.

What about the album?

The album was recorded in Ireland, Australia, Germany and the USA. It’s almost finished but funds are needed to get it manufactured. It features an amazing group of musicians and is being mixed in Nashville by Grammy Award winner, Tim Carter. You can read all about the album and listen to a rough mix of the title track here: www.aminah.com.au/bluewoodenboat.htm

Where will my money go?

Your pledge will enable the 2015 Musicians of Sligo Calendar to get printed. Part proceeds of the printed calendar sales will go towards the manufacturing of the album and part proceeds will go to the Donal Parsons Trust. They raise money for fighters of rare childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. By helping this project reach its target, you will be supporting a worthwhile local charity and aiding in a farther-reaching long term investment in improved medical care for these children.

What else can I be excited about?

The launch! The calendar will be launched in Sligo’s Hawk’s Well Theatre with music, drinks and finger food and you are all invited! We’re going to dress up! Why don’t you dress up too? This is also where you can pick up your print and other goodies, if you've selected these rewards.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that Christmas is around the corner. Yes, that corner! And wouldn’t these calendars and prints just make lovely Christmas presents? Don’t forget your mum!

Lastly, pledge above the target! It’s been set low to ensure the printing of the calendars but of course the more presales the better.

See some snaps at www.facebook.com/aminahhughesofficial

Learn more about the Donal Parsons Trust at www.donalparsonstrust.com



A video for you all!

Hi funders, I just wanted to share with you this wee video I made featuring some of the best photos from the shoots! It also features a track from my upcoming album. As said in the video, the calendar is on sale for the January/February period, if you know any last minute people who may be interested! In any case, I hope you enjoy the video. I had fun making it! All the best for 2015, Aminah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSZ6mQRzAlY

Goodies on their way as the blue wooden boat sets sail

Hi funders! Just a wee note to let you know that all goodies have now been dispatched, so if you haven't received your calendars, prints, etc. by now, watch out for the mailman! I am preparing for a busy weekend ahead, starting with a poetry reading (nice to be getting back into those), then I'll be selling my calendars on Friday night at the Shane Filan gig at the Knocknarea Arena, in aid of the Donal Parsons Trust, performing Vivaldi with the Sligo Baroque Orchestra on Sunday afternoon and back in the studio on Monday. But the big one will be happening on Saturday night, when I'll be presenting songs from my album, Blue Wooden Boat, at The Model Sligo, with Seamie O'Dowd, Anna Houston, Ray Coen and Darragh Houston. There will be guitars, piano, cello, mandolin, banjo, fiddles, flute and voices raised in harmony. The album will be available for presale and, of course, I'll be selling calendars! If you are around the Sligo area, do come to The Model on Saturday evening. It will be a very special gig (and it's a full moon!) You can book tickets here: http://themodel.ie/music/blue-wooden-boat Thank you again & enjoy your goodies! Keep it musical, Aminah

Some pics from the launch

Thanks to everybody who came to the calendar launch in the Hawks Well Theatre on Saturday and a huge thank you to Anna Leask for taking pics on the day. You can view the pics on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/aminahhughesofficial (you don't have to have a FB account to view my page). Goodies in the post this week! I hope you enjoy them. Aminah

The big day has arrived!

Well folks, the day has arrived. All is set for tomorrow's launch. We have musicians, we have scrumptious finger food, we have wine from Hargadon's own vineyard in the south of France, we have speeches, we have large prints, we have artwork, we have more live music, and oh...we have calendars! I am looking forward to seeing you there, if you are in the area. And I will do my best to capture some of it on camera for you! For those who live in far flung places (Australia, America, Mayo...) your goodies will be in the post this week. All the best and I shall be in touch soon, Aminah

One anonymous mystery remains

Hello again! Some of you inquired about how to order more than one calendar, so I let you know that if you enter the total amount down the bottom, you could let me know then what you'd like. BUT I did not realise that if you ALSO chose to be anonymous on the fundit site, your pledge of monetary value, with no reward chosen, would be seen as a philanthropic gift! In the list of funders were 6 such anomalies. I have solved 5 of them, by working out who they were and asking them to clarify what reward they would like. But 1 anonymous pledge remains! If you pledged €45 and chose to remain anonymous on the site, I am assuming you live locally and are coming to the launch expecting to pick up 3 calendars. If this is you and this is true, please contact me at sheherself@aminah.com.au so I can add to your name to the pickup list. If, however, you really truly were just being philanthropic and you don't want a reward and you don't want me to know who you are, well...thank you very much! Do let me know!

The Gallery Cafe's delightful delicacies

Hey folks! Well, all is going swimmingly. The large prints are being framed as we speak and I'll be picking up the calendars tomorrow. The Gallery Cafe, part of The Model Arts Centre, has come on board to provide the scrumptious finger food for the launch with their signature delicacies. This Saturday, 4pm, is the launch, of course! Musicians are booked, press invites sent, wine and food sorted, speeches ready! I'm looking forward to seeing most of you there! Aminah

Off to the printers!

Hey folks, an exciting day today! Spent the afternoon at Tiger Print finalising the calendar design and it not only looks fabulous, it's been sent to the printers! So, it is on its way into the world and soon it will be on its way to you. I'll be contacting you all shortly via email to get your postage addresses, where applicable, and make sure I have exactly what products you want in the bag! Don't forget, the launch is on Saturday 15th November at 4pm. I do hope you will join us if you can!

Thank you, again.

Well folks, this campaign will end in an hour. I just wanted to say once again, thanks so much for your support. I'll be in with the printers this afternoon, finalising the design, which looks beautiful already. This is going to be a really special calendar and the proceeds will be used in special ways. I was back in the studio on Monday doing some editing. My album is very close to being finished and making its way into the world. I'm very lucky to have recorded with a group of amazing musicians who have helped me to create something beautiful that I'm very proud of. I've been in regular contact with the Donal Parsons Trust, who are thrilled to bits to be my chosen charity. Donal has been through a bit of a rough time lately, so anything at all that can help him and his family is much appreciated. His mother was telling me about a huge event that will be taking place in December, at which they'd like to sell a pile of these calenders, as well as Donal's own book, My Dog, which he wrote and illustrated himself. The event was announced yesterday to be a Shane Filan concert in aid of the charity. How great for them! I'm sure Shane's support will do only great things for them and help them reach their target. If anybody is interested in reading more about the charity and the upcoming concert, you can do so at www.donalparsonstrust.com That's all from me. I'm heading into town to see a singer/songwriter from Canada while I have a coffee, before going to meet the printers. How blessed I am feeling. Your goodies will be in the mail, hot off the press! Thank you, again, and take care. Aminah xx

Thank you!

Yow howee!!! We did it!!! Fully funded and 2 days to go! They will be printed and they will be fabulous! Thank you all so much for your support of this project. If you didn't get your calendar ordered, there are still 36 hours in which you can order here and have it sorted! I sure am looking forward to that launch!

Slick design!

Spent this morning in with the printers designing the layout of the calendar and it looks fabulous! Can't wait to get them printed and into your kitchens! Don't forget you can order a large print of your favourite image or musician to hang on your wall if you fancy. And if you'd like it framed, sure you may as well come pick it up at the launch. We're going to dress up! Why don't you dress up too?

Nicola Cleary gets on board!

Hey folks, due to a last minute cancellation, I am very pleased to welcome Nicola Cleary into the calendar. Nicola is a fabulous violinist who leads the Sligo Baroque Orchestra and is a member of Paris-based chamber group, Orfeo 55. One of my photographs from Nicola's shoot was recently featured in my advertisement in the Sligo Baroque Festival programme. I was absolutely thrilled to photograph the festival last weekend (where I heard some of the most beautiful music!) and am very glad to be able to include one of Nicola's lovely photos in the calendar. Welcome aboard, Nicola!

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