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1348: A Medieval Apocalypse.

By Fin Dwyer


‘1348: A Medieval Apocalypse’ is an innovative, exciting and new way of telling our history. This project looks at the fascinating story of the Black Death in Ireland in a unique style through audiobook and print format. Having completed much of the background research, I need your help to finish this project.

I am looking for people who are passionate about Irish history and want to invest in bringing this part of our history to life, in a novel and new way. You will be funding a fascinating journey, travelling back seven centuries to one of the most intriguing and absorbing chapters in Irish history.

In 1348 the Black Death, a terrifying plague, killed between 30 and 50 % of the Irish population in 12 months. For those who survived this very real apocalypse, they found themselves in a world changed forever. Towns were abandoned, houses lay empty - it was a time of great opportunity but unparalleled chaos. It is the stories of the survivors which will form the basis of this gripping history.

In print and audiobook format, this book will vividly portray the history of 14th century Ireland as the certainties of the past vanished and the survivors faced an unpredictable future. The backdrop to this history is hair-raising and at times almost seems fictional. Daily life was lived under threat of outlaws and brigands while the island was ravaged by frequent warfare between Anglo-Norman settlers and the Gaelic Irish. This is a largely forgotten chapter in our history but with your help I want to tell it in a new and engaging way.

As a historian, podcaster and blogger I have published over 50 free podcasts, a book on medieval life – ‘Witches, Spies & Stockholm Syndrome, Life in Medieval Ireland’ - and an audiobook on Brian Boru. Through funding this project a previously ignored chapter in our history will now be brought to life. And perhaps even more excitingly, you will be changing how our history is published. In effect you will be cutting out the middleman of publishing houses - you will be the publisher.

As publisher you will receive regular updates and exclusive material on the progress of the book and will have your chance to give feedback into the final draft of '1348: A Medieval Apocalypse'. And there will be some really cool and unique rewards – All funders get a copy of the audiobook, there are t-shirts, tours for you and friends around medieval Dublin and a limited hardback edition of the book.

Your money will cover the costs of research, audio production and mastering, design and the initial print run, (100 hardback, 400 paperback). By supporting this project you will be helping to bring an untold chapter in Ireland's history to life in an exciting and novel way. Fund this project and be part of history!